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Guide to Big Bear Airport: Things You Need to Know

Updated: Feb 1

Big Bear Airport, officially known as Big Bear City Airport, is a public airport located in Big Bear City, California, in the San Bernardino Mountains. It serves as the primary airport for the Big Bear Lake region, a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, particularly during the winter months.

Here's some key information about Big Bear Airport:

big bear city airpot


Big Bear Airport is situated in Big Bear City, which is about 6 miles northeast of the city of Big Bear Lake. It's approximately 100 miles east of Los Angeles.


The airport has a single asphalt runway (Runway 08/26) that is 5,850 feet long. It can accommodate a range of general aviation aircraft, including small private planes and some corporate jets.


Big Bear Airport provides essential services for pilots and visitors. These services include fueling, maintenance, aircraft rental, and flight instruction.

Scenic Flights

The airport also serves as a hub for scenic flights over the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains and Big Bear Lake. These flights offer passengers stunning aerial views of the region's natural beauty.

big bear airplane view

Winter Operations

During the winter months, the airport is a hub for visitors traveling to Big Bear Lake for snow-related activities, including skiing and snowboarding. It provides convenient access to the area's ski resorts.


The airport's elevation is approximately 6,752 feet above sea level, making it one of the highest-elevation airports in California.

Community Events

Big Bear Airport hosts various community events and aviation-related activities throughout the year, including airshows and fly-ins.

It's important to note that Big Bear Airport primarily serves general aviation and does not have commercial airline service. Travelers looking to access the region typically arrive at nearby commercial airports like Ontario International Airport (ONT) or Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and then drive to Big Bear Lake or utilize local shuttle services.

Please keep in mind that information about airports can change, so it's a good idea to check with the airport directly or visit its official website for the most up-to-date information on services, facilities, and any additional details you may need for your travel plans.

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