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Scenic photo of a rental property in Big Bear, CA

Big Bear Property Management Services

As Airbnb management, we help property owners increase rental bookings, maximize profits and delight guests with new age hospitality.


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Documented Cleaning

Attention to Detail is Our Mantra! We are happy to oversee and work with our client’s existing team or our selected, vetted and insured vendors to handle housekeeping, maintenance & every other aspect of your home


We provide fast problem-solving solutions and communicate via group chat with each owner


We don't promise what we can deliver. We provide accounting transparence and no hidden costs


Always simplicity, not complexity. We work with any scenario and provide diversified solutions

Quality & Home Inspections

With an attention to detail that ensures only the highest quality and consistency of service, our property maintenance services cover both interior and exterior taking care of the day to day essentials.

 Why investors choose US to manage their vacation rental homes

Increase Revenue

We make sure you stand out with marketing and OTA listings on platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. We strive to convert your 5 star guests to private bookings to increase revenue by booking direct.

No Hidden Fees

We are transparent with our services and have nothing to hide.

Hospitality Experience

Our team are experts in their fields, and give you top quality care, every time.

Listing Optimizazion

Receive more bookings from more desirable guests.


Higher Occupancy

Receive more bookings from more desirable guests.

Increased Nightly Rate

Earn more from each guest that stays at your property.

More Listing Views

Your Airbnb listing will be more prominent online.

More Inquiries

With more exposure comes more interest in your listing.

Better Credibility

With each positive review, your chances of booking increases

Higher Search Rankings

Your Airbnb listing will be found easier by ready to book visitors.

Business Consultant showing a real estate investor their property on AirBnB
Cabin in Big Bear under property management of Big Bear Experiences


We are passionately focused on providing memorable stays in remarkable homes. It’s the mantra that drives us and our decisions. It leads to five star reviews, which leads to better search rank position for your home, which leads to more bookings. But getting five star reviews? That takes knowledge, skill, expertise, patience, software, and people. That’s us.

Getting Started with Big Bear Experiences

As a one-stop botique firm specializing in short-term and vacation rentals, we cover all aspects below.

Getting Your Home Ready

✔ Homeowner-driven               onboarding system

✔ Listing description &             copywriting

✔ High-Resolution                     photography

✔ Search Rank                           Optimization

✔ Dynamic Guest Manual

Traveler Marketing & Guest Experience

✔ Listings on all top             booking sites

✔ Targeted digital                 marketing

✔ Dedicated reservation       agents

✔ Near 24/7/365 guest         support

✔ Concierge Service for       Guests

Your Property benefits

✔ Dynamic Pricing                     Software

✔ Consistent, professional       cleaning

✔ Household Supplies for         Guests

✔ Owner Monthly

✔ Payment Processing

✔ Guest screening and             damage coverage

Owner Advantages

✔ Unlimited owners                  calendar block/use

✔ Flexible Terms of Use

✔ Local staff 

✔ Inspections and                    maintenance

✔ Help with permits

✔ Dedicated Client                   Support Contact Person


Worth between a 10%-40% improvement in revenue, our dynamic pricing software allows us to update your home’s pricing daily, adjusting for price based on seasonality, inquiry activity, comparable home prices, nearby hotels, actual reservations and even competitor homes and their booking frequencies and amounts.


The success (and pricing and occupancy) of a home can vary greatly depending on the photography (amateur vs. professional) utilized. If you have high quality photos, great we will use those! If not, and if you'd prefer to achieve the highest revenue possible, we highly recommend engaging one of our professional photographers.


We have staff in the area that can go to and from the home, meet with guests (when available), oversee cleanings and generally be your eyes and ears to the home.

Visits to the property in between reservations means that you and your home have our eyes and ears at all times. It also means that damages and anything missing are accounted for and professionally attended to.


Near-around the clock response team for booking inquiries, guest support and maintenance as needed. This means that middle of the night reservation requests are not missed or lost to a competitor home, or that your guests or your home suffer any emergency maintenance gaps or delays.

Big Bear Experiences manages the guest selection. We rely on many factors to determine a good guest candidate for your home. Over 50,000 guests have stayed with us and we've been wrong almost quite literally, less than .001% of the time. We also handle all accounting and reporting on a monthly basis for your review.


We do everything we can to help you generate as much revenue as possible from your rental and save you time by doing most/all of the work for you. This includes arranging the cleaning (post-guest and post-owner stays); calling in the handyman, plumber, electrician, and landscaper when needed; restocking household items; taking care of trash and recycling.

Having our own cleaners means your home gets the same cleaning team every time. That way processes are systematized and you do not run the risk of non-standard cleanings or worse, missed cleanings, costing you refunds, cancellations and bad reviews.


Enhance your guest's experience with 5-star concierge services. By expanding our in home services, this means that guests can have access to things like in home grocery delivery, baby items while traveling, restaurant and entertainment reservationist, and special curated events like beach fire pits & bbq's, hot air balloon rides, and more.


Redesigning your home, as opposed to remodeling, is an investment in the now with an eye at all times on ROI. We are constantly thinking about one thing: how to give our clients the most visually appealing space so they can generate the highest return for the least amount of capital


Noise is the #1 problem in the short term rental industry. For an additional monthly fee we can install noise sensors that detects and prevents noise violations at your property.


A service for those evaluating a new investment opportunity or exploring turning their current home into a short term rental business. This service provides counsel and guidance on various elements such as pricing expectations, ROI expectations, calendaring, transient tax, insurance, damage protection, design, decor, advertising and marketing.


Big Bear Experiences can help with all filing for permits for short term rental registration and transient occupancy tax purposes. This means we will provide to the municipality, in concert with the homeowner (applicant) all necessary paperwork and addendums. In addition, (a separate fee may apply) Big Bear Experiences can manage monthly reporting which may be required by law, to the jurisdiction as well as charge, collection and remittance of any applicable lodging taxes.


Short-term rental insurance is required for all  homeowners. We can refer you to our partners at Farmers who can seek to provide comprehensive, affordable coverage that will be specific to your arrangement depending if you're using the home from time to time, or if its a full time short term and/or long term rental. If you have alternate coverage and would like to stay covered as such, you’ll need to provide proof of insurance with Big Bear Experiences covered either for liability claims and/or as an additional insured.

Insurance surrounding managed rental properties is an industry standard requirement of the additional insured language.

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Vacation Rental Investment

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A vacation rental investment is an excellent strategy to make money in real estate. Partnering with an experienced agent is one the best way to enter the real estate business and become a property investor.

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