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Off-Roading Adventures in Big Bear

Big Bear Lake trails are known for their breathtaking views and pristine natural environment, but they don't only cater to hikers and bikers. Big Bear boasts some world-renowned 4X4 trails for exciting off-roading. Whether you're a beginner driver or seasoned hobbyist, off-roading in Big Bear is a must in the summer months!

Why Choose Big Bear for Off-Roading?

Diverse Trails- From the beginner-friendly Gold Fever Trail to the challenging John Bull Trail, there's something for everyone.

Scenic Views- Enjoy breathtaking vistas at Butler Peak Fire Lookout.

Historic Routes-Explore the rich history of Holcomb Valley.

Trails for the Casual Off-Roader

For our easy-going drivers, Gold Fever Trail is a perfect starting point. Head up Polique Canyon Rd for a 3-hour self-guided tour of historic Holcomb Valley. Learn about Big Bear's gold mining history and see amazing views of Big Bear's backcountry.

On the South Shore, Fireroad 2N10 from Mill Creek Rd is an easy drive through the forest. This is a seasonal road open from spring through fall. A high-clearance vehicle is required and you'll need to check road conditions with the Ranger Station. From 2N10, you can access Bluff Lake Reserve and the famed Champion Lodgepole Trail. Get more info on these trails at the Visitor Center.

Why Choose Big Bear for Off-Roading?

  • Diverse Trails: From beginner-friendly routes to challenging trails for experienced drivers, there's something for everyone.

  • Scenic Views: Enjoy breathtaking vistas at various points along the trails.

  • Historic Routes: Explore the rich history of Holcomb Valley and beyond.

Plan Your Adventure

Gear up and make the most of your Big Bear trip! Visit Big Bear Off-Roading for more details and to plan your journey.


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