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Big Bear Summer Tubing & Speedway

Imagine a place where the thrill of winter meets the warm glow of summer, where your adventurous spirit can glide on snow even under the sun. Snow play Big Bear transforms this dream into reality, offering a unique summer tubing experience that defies the seasons. For both travelers seeking an unforgettable summer journey and local thrill-seakers, Snow Play Big Bear crafts an extraordinary adventure that melds the excitement of winter sports with the accessibility of summer. This destination is not just a place but a gateway to create lasting memories, positioning itself as a pivotal part of any trip to Big Bear.

What is Summer Tubing?

Summer tubing at Snow Play Big Bear offers an exhilarating alternative to traditional winter activities, allowing participants to enjoy the thrill of sliding down slopes regardless of the season. This unique experience is facilitated by durable, synthetic Snow tube slides that are 300 feet long, specifically designed to operate without water or irrigation

The Grizzly Ridge Tube Park, located at Snow Summit, provides a perfect setting for this activity, catering to outdoor enthusiasts of all ages!

Definition and Overview

Summer tubing involves sliding down specially crafted tube slides that mimic the snowy conditions of winter tubing but are designed for use in warmer weather. These tube slides are constructed from a synthetic material called Snow, ensuring a slick surface for high-speed fun.

Popular Locations

The primary location for summer tubing is the Grizzly Ridge Tube Park at Snow Summit. This park features four 300-foot long tubing lanes, accessible via a Magic Carpet lift that transports visitors to the top of the slide, making it easy and convenient to enjoy multiple runs!


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