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I climbed to the top of the mountain without knowing how to ski

Updated: Jun 12

Winter can be felt just around the corner as gusts of cold wind begin whipping the trees. That's when I realized that the best season of the year is fast approaching, and the ski resorts are about to open.

There are those who are lucky enough to practice this sport all year round, and there are people who have never skied in their life, so I will give you some words of advice that will help you to take your first jump from the chair.

The first thing to put in your bag is desire: this is something you want. The first few tries you may get a little discouraged, but this is normal because skiing is very hard. As the hours go by your progress will take shape as you start to control your skis more. If you want a quick start in this sport, it is best to take a course for 2 or 3 days in a row.

I recommend that you hire an instructor for several sessions so they can teach you the basic motions necessary to slide through the snow, control the skis, and, importantly, how to stop. You don't have to take long classes, one hour per session is enough. There will be time to practice the knowledge you have learned.

Snowboarder doing tricks on Bear Mountain in Big Bear, CA

Are you ready to practice?

First, you will have to put on those big boots. They are heavy, it actually is very hard to put on the boots. You must do it with a lot of force, but you will manage it, your first step, and then you will learn to fit your boots onto the skis.

Now, if we are ready to start, always listen to all the advice given to you, or, better yet, be accompanied by someone more experienced if you can.

Skiing is a dangerous sport, if you do not know how to control the brakes well, or make a curve wrong, you can go into the trees, collide with another person, and you can injure yourself or others, so it is very important you know all the basics. This will ensure that you can have the most fun.

Like many things in life, the first journey will be the hardest, but later you will start gaining confidence and you will do better and better.

You must go without fear of ridicule. You will have to fall as many times as necessary. The good thing is you will learn to get up. Set small goals. When you overcome them, it is as if you crossed the finish line after a marathon every time. For example, take note of when you no longer fall from exiting the chairlift or when you manage to get on the chairlift without help. The pride is enormous. Acknowledge every sign of progress.

Big Bear Mountain Resort has the best teachers to learn everything you need on your downhill trip in the snow.

Instructor teaching kids how to snowboard in Big Bear

Where to rent all the necessary equipment for skiing?

Big Bear is one of the main tourist destinations for skiing in southern California, there are many places where you can rent everything you need to practice this sport, here are the Top 3 of the best places to rent all your equipment

After skiing

Once the day is over, it is obligatory to enjoy the atmosphere of the mountain resort with a group of friends or family. There are events, concerts, groups, live music... After a hard day, take a breather, you’ve earned it. This atmosphere is unique and contributes to the desire to return the next day.

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