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Family-Friendly Fun: Kid-Friendly Activities in Big Bear, CA

Updated: Jun 12

kids playing in snow in the late afternoon

Unforgettable Big Bear Kid Activities for Every Season

Big Bear, California, is a haven for families, brimming with activities that cater to the boundless energy and curiosity of kids. With the majestic San Bernardino Mountains as a backdrop, Big Bear offers an array of kid-friendly adventures, ensuring that every visit is packed with excitement and learning opportunities.

Winter Delights: Big Bear Kid Activities

Hit the slopes or tubes

As snowflakes begin to adorn the trees, Big Bear transforms into a snowy playground, offering a myriad of kid-friendly winter activities. From learning to ski or snowboard with patient instructors to whooshing down the hills on a snow tube, Big Bear Kid snow activities are designed for laughter and thrills.

Big Bear Mountain Resort features Snow Summit, Bear Mountain, and Snow Valley which are the most well-known spots for skiing and snowboarding in Big Bear. If you're looking for something that requires less skill and money, consider tubing at Big Bear Snow Play or Grizzly Ridge Tube Park! Either way, there are options for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Take a trip to the Big Bear Discovery Center

The Big Bear Discovery Center brings in over 100,000 visitors annually with weekly programs and eco-tours. They also have plenty of outdoor space to explore around the facility and have a picnic or simply indulge in snow play!

Play outside in the snow

From the comfort of your cabin space, you can explore the snowy landscape with snowshoeing excursions or build your very own snowman outside your cabin or at one of the many public snow play areas.

Cozy Up in a Big Bear Cabin

After a day of exploration and adventure, nothing compares to the warmth of a Big Bear cabin. Unlike the confined space of a hotel room, cabins offer the freedom for kids to play and parents to relax. With features like game rooms and streaming services for family movie nights, every cabin is a space for joy and relaxation.

For those considering a longer stay or sharing the joy of Big Bear with others, our property management services ensure that your property is a welcoming haven for every family.

Plan Your Big Bear Family Adventure

Ready to create lasting memories with your children? Big Bear is the perfect setting for your next family getaway. Before you pack your bags, visit our FAQs to get all the details for a seamless vacation experience. We've gathered all the information you'll need to make your family's stay in Big Bear as enjoyable as possible.

In Big Bear, every activity is an opportunity for kids to laugh, learn, and grow. Whether they're engaging in Big Bear kid activities by the lake, enjoying Big Bear kid activities in winter, or reveling in Big Bear kid snow activities, they're sure to have the time of their lives. So come to Big Bear, where every moment is an adventure and every memory is waiting to be made.



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