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Big Bear Speedway

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Big Bear Speedway features RT8 Sodi Karts, a mini-race car with features straight from the automotive industry, like self-adjusting hydraulic brakes and vacuum fuel pumps. The leader in the kart racing craze sweeping the country, Sodi Karts balances speed and safety with Four Point seat belts and Extra Enhanced remote controls that the pit crew can shut down or throttle back any or all karts at any time for safety.

The karts handle like race cars with pinpoint steering, and the Honda Whisper Motors generate amazing power, enough for cars to lay rubber through turns though virtually impossible to roll. Sodi RT8 sports design elegance and fully adjustable patented pedals to serve up the ultimate race experience.

bigb bear speed way

New at Big Bear Speedway is a two-story, high-octane obstacle course that towers 35 feet off the ground called Big Bear Ropes Course.

This state-of-the-art aerial adventure allows participants of varying ages, from young children to adults, to face an array of challenges and features. Big Bear Ropes Course stretches over 6,400 square feet with many of its features exposed to nothing but air!

There are a variety of suspension bridges, some with wide-open gaps, some with nothing but two-inch round cables to scramble across, and yet another that overhangs on a curving structure with dangling ropes to grasp onto.

All in all, there are 42 different obstacles on this towering two-level ropes course. There’s even an airborne element for those who wish to fly. The Sky Rail Zipline stretches 80 feet and bananas out onto a ledge, enhancing the overall excitement.

big bear speed way

Big Bear Speedway Rates

  • $15.00 Single Kart Race – Minimum age is 14 years old and at least 54” tall to drive a single kart

  • $20.00 Double Kart Race – Must be 18 yrs. old to drive and the passenger age is 4 years old and up

  • $48.00 Value Pack (per person) – 4 single kart races or 3 double kart races

  • $2.00 Per Head Sock

  • $2.00 Per Socks (for loaner shoes)

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