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Big Bear Ghost Tours

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Big Bear Lake, California, offers a variety of ghost tours and haunted history tours for those interested in exploring the supernatural side of the area. These tours often delve into the region's history, legends, and spooky stories.

However, keep in mind that the availability and details of these tours may change, so it's important to check with local tour companies or the official Big Bear Lake tourism website for the most up-to-date information. Here are a few examples of ghost tours and haunted history tours that were offered in the past.

Halloween in big bear

Captain's Anchorage

The local surf n' turf house, Captain’s Anchorage, was originally known as the Sportsman’s Tavern. A man named George was the accountant when the tavern was owned by Andy Devine. One day, George mysteriously died and the cause - or culprit - has never been determined. While some say George committed suicide, local lore suggests that he was suspected of embezzling quite a pocketful of cash before his mysterious death.

To this day it is believed that George haunts the Captain's Anchorage in limbo between this world and the next. Employees - former and current - claim they can hear George's rattling of pots and pans and loud tromping upstairs, but his habit of hiding silverware, glasses, and other items can get aggravating at times!

captain's anchorage

Holcomb Valley Ghost Towns

After Bill Holcomb's initial discovery of gold in the area that would later bear his name, three Wild West towns popped up to support the mining efforts that would take place over the next couple of years. The Gold Fever Trail is a self-guided, off-road tour of the Holcomb Valley ghost towns and offers a fascinating glimpse into a long-gone world. While remnants of mining activity can be found, some of the more ominous reminders of the Wild West days include the Hangman's Tree, Wilbur Grave, and Ross Grave.

Holcomb Valley Ghost Towns

Doble Cemetery After the abandonment of Belleville in 1862, the 'second Gold Rush' of 1873 was started by Elias 'Lucky' Baldwin in the area known today as Baldwin Lake. The mining town of Bairdstown - later renamed Doble - included saloons, hotels, restaurants, blacksmith shops, and the like. Being the Wild West, fist fights and shootings were the norm and a local cemetery was needed. While few reminders of Doble exist - like the ruins of the Lucky Baldwin Mine - the Doble Cemetery still sits just off of the east end of Holcomb Valley Road with about 25 marked graves.

Doble Cemetery

Haunted Pirate Ship at Halloway’s Marina

An even more thrilling ride around Big Bear is the Haunted Pirate Ship found at Halloway’s Marina. You and your family will be taken around Big Bear Lake as the real-life paranormal stories from the area are described in great detail. Unlike the Haunted Hayride, the Haunted Pirate Ship focuses on the rich history of the area instead of jump scares. The Haunted Pirate Ship Tour is available during the months of September and October at 2:00 p.m.

Haunted Pirate Ship at Halloway’s Marina

Keep things on the ground with a thrilling Jeep ride through the Gold Fever Trail found outside of Big Bear. The Jeepers Creepers tour through Big Bear Jeep Experience takes you on a thrilling two-hour tour through the challenging Gold Fever Trail. A knowledgeable tour guide will provide a two-way conversation over your radio, explaining the mining history in the area, including the historic hangman tree. Mining towns are always known for haunted histories and Big Bear is no different.

 Big Bear Jeep Experience

Remember to make reservations in advance if required, dress warmly for evening tours, and bring a flashlight for better visibility. Keep an eye on local event listings and tour providers for the latest information on ghost tours and haunted history tours in Big Bear Lake when planning your visit.

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