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What to take in my suitcase.

Winter or Summer?

For me, winter is my favorite season of the year, so I always prepare a few months before by buying jackets, gloves, cold caps, and good boots because I love walking through the snow and feeling how I feel with each step I take. I also really enjoy summer, feeling the sun come through the window, being able to wear short shorts, and of course having a good barbecue by the lake makes summer glowing.

Have you already decided what will be the best season for your trip?

Clothes for the first time in the snow:

To choose what clothes to wear for the snow the secret is to know the properties of the materials and to wear a minimum of two layers. The challenge: not to get cold and have enough mobility to fully enjoy time outdoors.

Follow the following tips and you will see that preparing to be in the snow for the first time is much easier than you thought. Thus, you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding with all the necessary equipment.

The first layer is recommended to wear leggings and long-sleeved thermal shirts to keep the body as warm as possible.

The second layer might be a windbreaker raincoat to not get wet.

As for the materials, it is important not to use cotton garments as they get wet quickly with sweat or melted snow and take time to dry. The best are synthetic garments that facilitate perspiration.

Ready to pack?

Snow Boots, make sure they are non-slip and that they go over your ankles. You can use those work boots that are waterproof or used in construction, they are usually made of very resistant materials and can prevent water from entering.

Winter hat.

Windbreaker jacket will help you prevent your clothes from getting wet inside. If you do not plan to ski, a goose down jacket is more than enough to withstand the cold.

Thermal gloves.

Lip balm. Lips when they encounter the cold weather and ice tend to split very quickly, so I recommend that you bring a ChapStick to keep them moisturized.

The most important thing is snow pants for skiing. These are waterproof so you can enjoy a good snowball fight or slide down a slope with a board and you will be totally dry inside.

Don't worry if you don’t buy your own because there are many places where you can rent it at a low cost.

If you’ve decided to travel in summer:

The temperature during the summer reaches up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during the day so with a pair of cool tennis shoes and a light jacket for the evening you will be more than comfortable.

Make sure you always bring swimming shorts with you and a towel if you plan to do an activity on the lake, such as kayaking or taking a dip. Some of the hotels have a pool so I recommend bringing several changes of clothes and undergarments.

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