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Swing into Serenity: Golf the scenic beauty of Big Bear

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Nestled amid the unspoiled landscapes of the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California, Big Bear Lake is not only a winter sports enthusiast's paradise but also a golfer's paradise looking to tee off in the lap of nature. With its crisp mountain air, breathtaking views, and well-maintained courses,

Big Bear Lake offers a unique golf experience that combines the excitement of the game with the tranquility of the mountains. Join us as we explore the world of golf at Big Bear Lake.


The scenic course: Bear Mountain Golf Course

Discover the golf course that graces the Big Bear area, Bear Mountain Golf Course. We will take you through streets that meander through pine forests and offer panoramic views of the lake.

scenic view big bear golf

Tee Time Bliss: Planning Your Golf Getaway

Learn about the best times to visit for optimal golf conditions and find out how to reserve your tee time at the courses of your choice. Whether you are an experienced golfer or a beginner, there is a course for you.

big bear golf

Golf for all levels: lessons and clinics

Big Bear Lake's golf scene caters to golfers of all skill levels. We'll introduce you to golf schools and clinics that offer lessons, advice, and expert guidance to improve your game.

golf for all levels

Equipment and Rentals: Get Ready for the Game

Don't have your own clubs or equipment? No problem. Learn about the golf equipment rental options available, making sure you have everything you need for a great day on the course.

big bear golf rentals

Golf Tournaments and Events

Stay up to date with golf tournaments and events held throughout the year at Big Bear Lake. Whether you are a spectator or a participant, these events offer an opportunity to show off your skills or simply enjoy the sport.


Women's League

Our women's league starts every Wednesday morning. Open to all ages and abilities.

Tuesday riot

Our scramble league starts every Tuesday morning. Open to all ages and skill levels.

Night league

Our night league starts every Thursday at 5 p.m. Open to mixed adults of all levels.

big bear golf events

Delicacies after golf: gastronomy and relaxation

Explore the dining options at nearby golf courses and restaurants. We will introduce you to restaurants that offer delicious dishes and a place to relax after a round of golf.

the best restaurants in big bear

Dress Code Policy

All guests must wear proper golf attire while playing.

  • We kindly ask that men wear a collared shirt with khakis, golf slacks, or Bermuda-style shorts.

  • Women are asked to wear a collared shirt that does not expose the midriff with khakis, golf slacks, Bermuda-style shorts, or skirt/skort.

  • All apparel, including headwear and accessories, should fit appropriately and not be in disrepair or display any offensive or suggestive graphics, imagery, or text. T-shirts, tank tops, jeans, sweats/joggers/leggings, ill-fitting or inappropriate apparel, and footwear with metal spikes or excessive traction are prohibited.

  • Proper footwear is required at all times and rain/waterproof apparel may be permitted when inclement weather is present or expected.

  • Golf shoes with hard spikes are not permitted. Guests who do not comply with dress code requirements may be denied course access.

dress code big bear golf

Golfing at Big Bear Lake offers a unique combination of sport and nature, where the beauty of the surroundings enhances every shot. Whether you're an avid golfer or just looking to relax in a picturesque setting, Big Bear Lake's golf courses provide the ideal setting for an unforgettable golf getaway.

So, pack your clubs, soak up the mountain air, and let Big Bear Lake be your golfing paradise. And if you need a place to stay, book a cabin in Big Bear with Big Bear Experiences! We'll see you soon!

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